Clinique Take the day off vs. The Body Shop Cleansing Butter

Lets start of with two cleansing balms that is part of my first cleanse every day. Reading my previous blog post you might have noticed that I am very disciplined about my first and second cleanse as I could see amazing results since I have added a first balm cleanse to my routine.

This first balm cleanse I was introduced to and more convinced to use was the Clinique Take the day off cleansing balm. The reason I had faith in this balm is because I have used samples of the range previously and it was fairly good.

This cleansing balm is applied with my dry hands on my dry face in the evening, massaging it over my face & neck making sure this is rubbed over my eyes to get rid of the mascara or eyeliner once done – I use my wet microfibre mitt to get all the make up off.

The Clinique Take the day off is a 125ml tub that last me around 6 months because a little goes a long way. It looks very similar to coconut oil, but is fragrance free which is a must for most people. As it goes for all Clinique products it is also Allergy tested. Taking into account how long this tub last it still comes in very expensive towards to next product which I am going to feature.

The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter which they also state are for sensitive skin comes in a smaller container of 90 ml but also at a much cheaper price range. This cleansing butter is fragranced which might not be for everyone but it does not bother my skin type that much. This product compares very well to the Clinique Take the day off as it does what it says. It removes all impurities, face and eye make up with one application.

The reason I am comparing the two and weighing the options because in these critical times we need to save where we can. The Clinique Take the day off comes in a bigger container but cost around 31 Euros, where the Camomile Cleansing Butter from the Body shop comes in at less than half the price at 14 Euros. The 35g less product that you might get does not add to paying more than half of what you can.

With the above said I still prefer both products and alternate between them, but the two most important things I believe that you should base your purchase on is what can you afford, and then if fragrance free or fragranced takes preference. The two products for me works exactly the same and only the two statements above differentiate them, apart form this they work equally well.

Disclaimer: None of the two products above were sponsored, gifted or advertised but are based on my personal opinion.

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