Rituals – Namaste foe or Friend

A very well known Dutch brand that can be found across Europe, and one of my absolute favourite giftings to friends and family. The calm and peace a Rituals store brings when you walk in, is a luxury on its own.

This brand has been part of my household for the past 4 years and I cannot explain the joy it brings me, perhaps because smell is such a strong sensory.

Rituals has such variety of brands and the ones that are mostly loved by me is their Limited Editions. I only realized this when i started to write this blog post and looking back at all the products that I have own from them, and it became apparent that it was a Limited Edition.

Below you will find a quick review on my most loved and not so loved items that might be usefull the next time want to spoil a loved one or yourself.

So my current favourite collection that I had my eye on for some months now is the Limited Edition named Amsterdam Collection, the packaging just speaks luxury which is perhaps just the twist your bathroom needs.

My Hit items as discussed below:


The candle wrapped in porcelain, with Delft blue colours making it swirls with a fragrance of Dutch tulip and the relaxing fragrances of Japanese Yuzu.


The collection comes with a few items and I have made the following selection Handwash and Roomspray. I am really not keen on the commercial toilet spray the supermarkets has to offer, and seems to splurge on this item a bit. Eventhough it might seem a bit expensive, I can honestly say hand on heart that our last bottle lasted a year. (12 months exact) So it is really worth the splurge as a little goes a long way.

Fragrance Sticks & Body Wash

The last two items I love and can recommend is their Fragrance sticks, they are long lasting and really keeps their smell the packaging is also very nice and you have many different scents and colours to choose from. Then lastly their foaming body wash is just on another level, I have been trying and testing a few the past year and I have to say time and time again I reach for the Rituals foaming body wash (My absolute favourites: The Ritual of Karma & The Ritual of Yalda (which was a Limited Edition Pomegranate & Watermelon))

My miss Items discussed below:

Scrubs & Micellar Water

My not so loved items are their scrubs, for me I really did not like how they felt on my skin as it was more oil based than scrubbing effect. I have tried a few to see if it made any differences depending on the range you pick, but unfortunately after a few tries it did not change my opinion and I will not repurchase, or list it as a preferred body scrub. Then the last not so loved item which have been tried and tested was their micellar water for me it really did not compare to the other micellar waters from other brands as it did not remove my make up as other brands does and also it did not left my skin feeling as refreshed. I feel with these two products it was a miss for me.

As I mentioned when i started the blog post this brand has become a known household name in mine, and they make great gifts for all year round no matter what the occasion. Leave a comment on your favourite item or Rituals spoil.

Disclaimer: Non of the products where sponsored, gifted or advertised, it has been bought with my own money and I am purely sharing my opinion.

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