Lets give back to mother earth

Re-usable Bamboo Cotton Pads

Cotton pads, are certainly my most used item and essential in the bathroom, because they tend to get rid of eye make up so efficiently. Environmentally speaking they’re a total disaster, hence my swap to re-usable bamboo cotton pads.

Not only are re-usable cotton pads kinder to Mother earth, but they are to your skin. They are super gentle to your face and most importantly to your eyes.

At first, I must admit I struggled to use them as for almost 20 years of my life I used to use real cotton pads. They grew on me very quickly because I could see the financial benefit monthly as well as how effective they did their part.

One re-usable cotton pad can be used for up to three months with regular cleaning, packs contain multiple re-usable pads. This offers bang for your buck.

Re-usable Microfibre Facial Mitt

A re-usable microfibre mitt, has become part of my double cleansing routine. This microfibre facial mitt only requires a splash of water and you can remove your make up without any struggles.

During my morning routine the mitt is used with a bit of water or miccelar water whatever you prefer and I just give my face a good wipe, to get rid of the nights serums moisturizer or retinol that has not been absorbed.

During my night routine, I would use it with water and make sure I wipe my face a few times until the mitt does not contain any make up residue and then I will proceed with my second cleanse.

The mitt featured above is an ultra-soft microfibre mitt that’s specifically designed to pick up the pigments from my make up, and its safe to be used everyday.

These mitts comes in a pack of 3 – 4 so I make sure that I rinse mine and replace it every 2-3 days with a new one and throw the old one in the washing machine to get rid of any bacteria left.

This is so much more affordable and you can now ditch the disposable make-up wipes and make sure with this little step included in your routine you will save the world one facial cleanse at a time.

Microfibre Turban Hair Towel

This microfibre turban hair towel was a complete life saver for my thick hair that takes ages to dry due to its nature to retain water.

I was looking for an alternative to assist me, and not to spend hours trying to get those untamed wet hair in order. The more research I did, I found microfibre towels popping up as they quickly absorb water which shortens my drying time without leaving my hair feeling excessively dry.

Another benefit that caught my eye was that when you make use of a microfibre towel/turban, there is less friction as you do not have to manipulate your hair as much to dry it.

As mentioned at the start this was a life-saver indeed, now when I pop out of the shower with wet hair I bind the turban around my hair, put on a face mask or three (triple masking Sunday) which can take a few hours and then just before going to bed I give my hair a quick dry and within a few minutes my hair has been dried. Which saves so much electricity, time and effort.

Given this I would highly recommend if you have thick untamed hair that takes you hours to dry, the microfibre towel/turban will be your new bathroom essential.

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