From Self-isolating to self-exploring

Since the world is still turned upside down, and all of us have to spend more time indoors. I am jumping on the bandwagon of sharing my self exploration during this time. Never has the saying “make sure to not to only build a house, but build a home” has become more truthful.

We all have a thing or two that we have been postponing for a while because most people work during the week and on weekends everyone wants to hang out with friends, catch up on shopping or eat at our favourite restaurant. Since this luxury is no longer feasible and the uncertainty of how long this will last is a mistery. But apart from this uncertainty we have one certain thing – TIME. Not all of us but the most of us.

So here is a few of my suggestions that might be helpful for you to think of ideas to keep your self occupied and all your marbles in one place for the time being.

Being self-isolated during the past few weeks (with less stricter rules as apart from the rest of the world) it has been quite a journey because we are cramped in our 60m² lovely home. Small spaces and spending 24/7 days with your partner can surely bring the worst out of you, no matter how long you have been together.

So week 1 – it all started well, until towards the end of the week where we realized at that time we still have two more weeks to go. That’s when my self exploring with creativity started to flow. I am almost certain we all have that one room, area or cupboard we just cannot keep clean organized or tamed.

So start with that first headache room or area. First my main place for looking for great ideas, hacks or tips and tricks is Pinterest (even though some times its not at all feasible but at least it gives you some inspo). So for me I am working from home in general so this was not new to me ,but my current work space just need a bit of TLC, it’s like all of sudden I realized that this area in the house I spent most of my time in. Now with no shops open, I just had to work with what I had. So I will dropped in some before and after pictures so you can see with just some little tweaks a place can become alive, living and loving again. So I would suggest that you take the time you have on your hands now, take the area that is most daunting and start to plan what you want your end goal to be. Sometimes we just need to add or remove, de-clutter or be a bit smarter with our storage and what better time to put some thought into new ideas and start to plan and execute – than NOW.

My cleaning out, getting rid of the clutter did not only stop at my home office quick reno, but since across the globe we all went in to some new season and what better time to clean out the your closet. So we recently went in to Spring and I was just too excited to pack away the heavy fur jackets and getting my colour scheme ready for my absolute favourite two seasons of all.

So for the past 6 – 8 months I have been following a capsule wardrobe, and also some Marie Kondo folding tips and this has by far worked wonders for me. I joined a Capsule wardrobe with Personal Stylist Nerine Jones back in October 2019, and after the workshop I was so inspired to cleaning out my closet and having my wardrobe colours and also the colours that works for me. So my autumn/winter capsule is now packed away not all at once as i have taken some of my whites and brought them over to my Spring/Summer capsule. I have to admit I have not followed all of her tips and tricks as I still love clothes and fashion, but i can see that I made good progress on only having clothes i really wear and also clothes that really makes me happy with colours that suits me. So for some inspo go follow her on Instagram (@NerineJones) and get inspired and start cleaning out your closet and declutter. What better timing – since we all in different areas have seasons changing and also having the time to sort through all your clothes and get them sorted for when you have to head back to work soon.

So as the weeks past, you can only spent so much time and energy on decluttering sorting and ensuring your home does not look like a bomb just dropped from heaven, hence I started to also make time for ensuring to take care of my plants. Now this is not just giving them water but to actually ensuring you dust, trim and make sure to give them enough TLC that they have been missing out on. So I have taken the time, making sure my Green Fiddle leaf plant is getting dusted, and the leaves are being spritz with a bit of olive oil to make them shine and looking loved again. So ensure you gather all your plants, hit google and see how you can ensure to give them the most love during this time so they will be blooming, shining bright and which ever season you find yourself in they will make it through with you.

Then lastly, we are all trapped in this rat race life and since we have been all calmed down what better time to start working on a routine. Whether it is morning, day or night routine, expert says that it takes 21 days to break a habit or to start one. So now is a great time ensuring you start and stick to a routine.

I had trouble with sleeping for quite some time, because it feels like my brain does not want to start early mornings and at 11 o’clock at night my mind is still running through ideas thoughts etc. So I started to work on a night time routine, by making sure I go to bed only when I am really tired, and had a cup of tea and a candle lit before, making sure I take a shower followed by my night time skin routine, then at my bedside table making sure I put on lip balm, getting rid of sinus issues by smelling mint of eucalyptus and then some hand balm and a few spritz of my a facial mist. Then lastly throughout the winter I have been using a Sleep and Wake up light (yes, that what we in this modern world, now have to have to ensure we get a good night sleep). So instead of your bright room light, I immediately put on the sunset mode which takes an hour to slowly go down. Now I have to confess starting a routine on week 1 is not possible for any human being but when you come to week 2 or 3 and you hear that your self isolating or lockdown has been extended what better time to start thinking of getting into a routine and trying to stick to it so by the end of this journey we will all have something good that came out of this.

Lets all make use of this time to atleast follow one of the self exploring tips, and make it a time that we will remember. During this period/season of our lives and our world being turned upside down we could use the time to sort out our houses, to become a home and to spend time being consistent on a routine beginning a positive habbit and breaking a few bad ones, because the best excuse was always “I dont have TIME” guess what now you do!

Stay safe during this time and thanks for sticking through a few tips on self exploring, by working with what you have and not breaking the bank and making sure that all your marbles are intact and not lost.

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