Styling tips: 1 item 5 ways

We all have that one item in our closet that we always reach for, either for comfort or just because we love the way it fits or feels when we wear it.

My current item that I reach for once and so often, is by Poetry (a Local South African brand) and its their Noa Colourblock Parka featured in the images above.

This parka is perfect for three out of the 4 seasons and can be worn in multiple ways combined with different styles. The reason I love this item and thought of more than one way to wear it, is because for me it screams sophistication and uniqueness.

Outfit 1:

Noa Parka buttoned up with nude coloured trousers rolled at the bottom, paired with Supergra (making use of the blush colour again in my parka) or any sneaker that contains the colour of your featured styled item. The important style tip here is minimalism, which makes this a Saturday outfit with minimal effort.

Outfit 2:

This time I am using the exact style from above, but by adding in a Tammy Waist Tie Belt (also by Poetry) in pink which mimics the colour that can be found on the sleeves of the parka. By adding just one small accessory can bring your previously minimal effort, casual outfit to looking like you put some thought in to it and styled it up.

Outfit 3:

Layering items is so trending at the moment and this is a perfect way to showcase a few of your lovely items. I am a dress lady, but living in The Netherlands has taught me a few new ways of wearing dresses. Just because the weather does not always allow for lovely summer, flowly dresses to be worn. So hence I have put on a pink long sleeve dress that buttons up all the way, from Mango (The Netherlands), styled with my Noa Parka, tammy waist tie belt. This time I have added my Safari yellow leather shoes (a local brand Bij home from The Netherlands) which again brings out the yellow in the parka and brings perfect balance to the colour scheme.

Outfit 4:

The parka can be dressed up and down as seen above, but now for more of an office look it can be paired with blouse that has extra features on the collar. Adding a bulky coloured necklace, with the Noa Parka kept open, adding the nude pants from outfit 1 and then lastly with a pair of high heel brown leather boots. This outfit can be worn to the office on a rainy day where a bit more layering is needed, and also when you want to meet friends after work for a quick cocktail, because the parka can easily be buttoned up and then looks a bit more casual than the office outfit.

Outfit 5:

Lastly the parka can be worn on its own as a dress, because the buttons are close to each other there are no peeks through, but I will still suggest to just add a simple short dress underneath and have the parka buttoned up, with your favourite most comfortable shoes.

In this blog post, it’s not so much about the specific Noa Parka that I used and that you can only follow if you have the same one. Its more about providing you ways to style your favourite item in similar ways by adding accessories and combining certain accent colours throughout your outfit.

I hope this helped you in more than one way, to help rethink your outfit and not to fall into the pitfall of always wearing the same item in the same way, but looking into small items that can be changed up and added to your outfit, to always keep heads turning and the compliments rolling.

Thank you for the read may you be inspired.

Till the next post, and a small reminder next time you buy an item remember to think of different ways you can wear it, if you see fit then go ahead and buy it as it will serve multiple purposes.

Disclaimer: None of the items in the blog post has been sponsored or gifted. This is not an advertisement.

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