Must haves for Spring

The smell of a fresh morning breeze, sinuses acting up and birds singing their praise after a long and weary winter who does not get excited for the new season and what it can bring.

Living in Europe for the past 4 years has changed my opinion and joy for a blissful spring, living most of my life in the southern hemisphere. Compared to what I know now spring was never that heartfelt, need-to-come-soon season I wished could arrive sooner than later.

So let’s start, get ready for Spring season and my must haves for beauty, skin and fashion listed and all the details on why I adore them.

Lets start with beauty, after a long not so cold to say the least but dreadful long winter your skin needs to soak up the sun that has been hidden for months. So my spf of choice is the La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Spf 50, its an spf that if you let it sink in, lets make up set good on top of it, and a little really goes along way. There are so many opinions on spf whether to wear it on its own or with a foundation with a high spf included, well I personally prefer either or depending on what the day holds.

One more skin product I can highly recommend is the Dr. Jart Ceramidin Cream mist , mostly working from home and being indoors for so long especially with our current given time, this mist comes in handy. The mist is very moisturizing giving your skin a fresh look with only a few spritz and the smell is amazing too. It works well over make up to freshen up and just giving you the feeling that you are ready to face the world again. What makes this mist so recommendable for me is that it is a double layered mist that combines an aqueous serum with and oil, without leaving the skin feel over moisturized or leaving little spritz marks on your face during the day.

Moving on to beauty, this was really hard to choose only two must haves for spring but it has to be the Chanel Les Beiges water fresh tint. This serves as a complexion tint that gives your skin a water-fresh sensation and an amazing glow. Price wise this comes in expensive, but in today’s day and age if you have beautiful skin then you have to embrace it and make sure that you do not plaster your face with unnecessary products.

My second essential multi purpose beauty item is Nars Blush & Bronzer Duo in the colours Orgasm/ Laguna . This product can be used as described above but can also be used on your eyes for just a flash of colour. By using the Laguna Bronzer in the crease or your eye first and then applying the Orgasm blush on top will give you a perfect sun-kissed look. This product is suitable for most skin tones which makes it perfect for everyone to use. (There is a dupe for this with the same colours at the fraction of the price which I have not used myself but perhaps worth a try: It’s elf Aqua Beauty Blush & Bronzer)

Then my last must have for spring fashion wise is a good pair or sunnies, I am very supportive of local in-dependant brands hence my recommendation will be the Van Coke Liam Sunglasses which is reasonable priced, good quality and comes in recycled packaging which was a seller for me as I believe its the small steps that makes a huge difference.

There you have it, my 5 must have items for Spring that I have used and can recommend.

A disclaimer if at some point you are a native english speaker and read through this blog and was cringing due to my writing ability, please note I am a not a native speaker but choose to write in English due to be able to serve a bigger audience.

Till the next one, thanks for reading and feel free to drop in comments on what topics you would like to read on.

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